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Honey Production

We have about eight hundred colonies of honeybees in and around the Chippewa National Forest in Northern Minnesota. Our honeybees produce different tasting varieties of honey depending on the floral source. The honeybees travel many miles from the hive to gather nectar and pollen. Some of the floral sources the honeybees use to produce delicious honey come from wildflowers and cultivated crops. We are able to distinguish the different varieties by taste and location of the hives. These honeys include alfalfa, clover, basswood, buckwheat, sunflower and wildflower. We are also able to offer some California varieties; orange blossom and sage.

In mid-to-late summer, once the honeybees have filled their hive, we extract the extra honey from the comb using a centrifuge extractor. Over time some honey naturally crystallizes. Our raw and unprocessed honey is usually crystallized giving the honey a smooth and creamy texture, almost like butter. Spread it on your toast, and your fingers will not get sticky! US Grade A processed honey has been filtered and heated and if it crystallizes, gently heat the honey in warm to hot water until it is liquid again. But if you keep processed honey in the freezer, it will not crystallize! Our honey is locally produced and we package it ourselves. We sell honey direct to customers, farmers markets, retail outlets, wholesale buyers, bakeries, breweries and wineries. You may have seen our honey at the Minnesota State Fair. It is available for shipment if you order online, or you can contact us.

Bar Bell Bee Ranch Honey Production